You're Beautiful Inside and Out

by Devouring Post Mortal Progerian Ovaries

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released February 14, 2015

Brandon Sandford- Everything



all rights reserved


Brandon Sandford Illinois

Music by Brandon Sandford, et al.

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Track Name: Contraction of a Foreign STD from an Unidentified Life Form Causing Random Mutations on The Body
From black holes the fowl creature emerges
ravaging through nebulous of the black matter and unknown
harvesting the galaxy through rape
9,000 tentacle cocks impaling every orifice of each and every being
emptied and replaced with vaxontrophenic quedralispasms
xenophililogicalistic bacteria sprouting mutations never before seen on this planet
each one of a kind to the individual
new spices bred and our world will never be the same
Track Name: Legalize Prostitution, Outlaw Birth
7.whatever the fuck billion is seven billion too many
30,000 is all I need eradicate these worthless being
to bring reproduction to a stand still
devolve to primitive form
hysterectomy at birth
so these whores can still taste my cum
legalize prostitution
Track Name: Hammer Hook Hysterectomy of a Herpe Infested Whore (Ft. ‎Yiğit Onat Ayaşlıoğlu of Human Carcass Crop Circle)
Chained by rusty chains that have not seen light in years
in the backyard shed rummaging through the tool box
this dirty whore must pay
so pure when we met
i remember bursting her hymen
the blood staining my sheets
so much that I still cannot get it out after all these years
those days are over now
filthy to her rotten core
scum covered herpe infested whore
now this bitch must pay
forcing the claw inside
scraping her up
making her cunt bleed the way it once did
no pleasure here
only in her pleads for help
making me dismantle her more
infecting me til death
this revenge is just
she bleeds to termination is the sun is borne to her congealed drainage
Track Name: Casturating The Gimp and Destroying His Anal Cavity with HIV Infected Insects
Track Name: Amature Russian Pornstars Making Their Fathers Proud ( Ft. Bubbles and Mr. Erection of Pornthegore)
Amateur pornstars sucking my experienced dick
thinking of her father watching makes her pussy so wet that I drown
he will cum so much when he watches this movie
toss my salad and floss with the hairs and proudly walk around with shit breath
he sheds a single tear as he sees me cum all over your face
his heart melts from the daughter he raised now she slurps salty loads of sticky jizzum for cash(x3)
he couldn't wait to show it off to all his friends and every relative you have as his most prized procession
so much pride in their hearts, they wish you a long and fruitful career
I want him to be proud of his little slut
Track Name: Taking Bong Rips as I Decapitate Your Mother Then Proceed to Use Her Head as a Bowling Ball
Bath salts in the bowling bathroom may have been a bad idea
I'm naked on a lane eating your mothers heart
my blade cuts like a guillotine
no trouble at all
drinking the blood from her throat hole
then i get a strike as i fuck her corpse
Track Name: Pre-Op Trannies Snorting Cock Snot out of Octomom's Twat Slot (Ft. Devin Garvin of Cheerleader Concubine)
Track Name: Braceface Blow Job (You Look So Much More Goregeous with Multiple Loads of Cum on Your Face) (Ft. Mr. Cheez of Soaked in Seamen)
i find my prey
about thirteen
training bra
and pussy clean
bright pink braces
just what i want
i need to see
her suck my cock

braceface blow job
cum and blood drip off my knob

Fuck her face to grotesque mound
on her One Direction bedspread
my shredded member aches for a metal mouth
sliced dick head from vigorous head
Track Name: Shoving Iphones into Cunt Cannals, Superglueing Them Closed and Posting The Numbers Online
Track Name: Vaginal Prolapse From Being Skullfucked
vaginal prolapse from being skullfucked
longing to see that whores fucking guts
his head went right inside that tight wet cunt
a feat that defied the laws of physics
one canal inverted after the other
vaginal prolapse from being skullfucked
Track Name: Ecstatic Sensation Through Genital Mutilation (Ft. Darryn Palmer of Slamophiliac)
To eat ones own genitals in pure exstacy
Prying apart agape urethra tunnel

only way to satisfy

Vaginal walls shredded to tethers
Ripped apart to the asshole
and stabbed relentlessly
with the shiniest, sharped titanium knife

She had no chance
my glads secreting

To eat ones own genitals in pure exstacy
Goring on the placental coated meat

it is my only way of satisfaction
pussy mutilation and sickening evisceration

Gorging on placental coated meat
Track Name: Sacrificial Kamikaze Cock Bomber Cumming in Her Cunt For Allah
strap the bomb on your cock and sacrifice yourself for 72 virgins
and all the pussy one could desire
keep it in
keep fucking until the time is right
here I cum
Allahu Akbar!!!!!!!!